Fresh coffee has three components that create its complexity – green beans, roasting and grinding While coffee beans come from a fruit, they are processed more than fruits that are eaten raw. Whereas an apple can just be picked off of a tree and bit into, coffee must be processed, roasted and ground. Each of these stages … Continue reading 4 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FRESH COFFEE

4 Practical Ways to Teach Second Wave Consumers About Third Wave Coffee

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[Editor’s note: If you have no idea what this title means, check out this infographic explaining third wave coffee.]

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Written by E. Squires and edited by T. Newton

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent countless hours reading, researching, tasting, traveling, and diving deeper into our favorite drink. You love reading about farmers and their best practices. You spend hours perfecting your brew methods and your espresso shots.

But many, if not most, of your customers won’t be as interested in the minutiae of TDS and coffee processing methods. They simply want a shot of caffeine (plus or minus sugar). Sure, some customers will come for a quality coffee experience. A select few will even want to know everything. But these will be in the minority.

The thing about us in the Third Wave is that we’re desperate…

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Why You Should Choose Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee isn’t referred to as special for no reason.  If it were that easy, all coffee would be special, but not unique. Shade, altitude, fertilizers and much more go into the detailed work of producing a specialty coffee.  The entire process of producing the coffee is met with a very high attention to detail … Continue reading Why You Should Choose Specialty Coffee