We have one week before we launch Bell Lap Coffee.  If weeks were laps in a race well we would be on the “Bell Lap”.  We cannot thank our friends, family and roaster enough for their support and encouragement.  It all started with a couple of pounds of artisan roasted coffee beans and a road trip to Leadville, Colorado.  I had helped Geoff from River Moon Coffee to get his Nitro Coffee Kegging System online and had him just pay me in beans.  I had no idea how life changing of an event this would be.  I have drank coffee since I was 3 years old and within those two bags of beans my love for coffee was rekindled.  I had plenty of time in the car and on the bike for 10 days contemplating life and every day started with a couple cups of coffee and ended with a couple cups of coffee.  I went through the entire 32 oz. of the Vienna Roast and the Swiss Water Processed Decaf.

My wife flew out to meet me in Colorado to support my journey on the Leadville 100 mountain bike ride.  On the way home we started talking and I shared with her my vision of starting an online coffee business where people can get fresh roasted coffee beans delivered to their doorstep.  With a ton of research and trying a few of the other roasters I went to River Moon Coffee to see if they would roast a private label for me.  At this point I hadn’t even come up with a name much less the roasts or a business plan!  They agreed to roast beans under a private label for me so I got to work immediately.

One of my great passions in life is cycling, and coffee and cycling go hand in hand.  So I started thinking about a name and what the two things shared and came up with Bell Lap Coffee.  Then I needed to make sure it was available online and it was.  I stayed up that night to secure all of the web addresses and social media accounts.  The next morning over a cup of coffee I came up with our motto “Our mission is simple. Deliver artisan roasted coffee beans so fast that if you are a regular coffee drinker you will need a new delivery before other commercial beans hit the store shelves.”

We have since came up with unique names for each of the roasts that ties back to cycling.  We will introduce those to you soon!

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